Bale Capacity: 8 – 2,000 lbs. round bales or 26 – square bales, 24" load height

Deck Size: 102" x 300" (approx.)

Deck material: diamond tread plate

2¾" rear spindle, grease fittings on all hubs

Front wheels 22.5"x 8.25"x 8 bolt, rear wheels 22.5"x 11.25"x 8 bolt

Unit is made for Non-highway use
(30 MPH or less)

Tricycle type steering for 90˚ turning

Fast hitch for quick easy hook up

Bales must be properly secured when transporting

Fenders bridge standard

Optional light kit: tail lights: running, stop & turn (Standard with brake version)

Optional flairs for front and back for use with round bales (pictured)