12 TON


Box Dimensions: 72" wide pan x 90½" wide top x 16' long

12 ton capacity with a 45 degree angled dump

2¾" rocker arm pivots with greasable bushings

Cross members 6 3/8" wide, 13½" center to center

Floor and sides constructed of ¼" alloy steel, sides are 20" high

22.5"x 11.25" or 22.5" x 13.5" wheels standard, other sizes available

2¾" spindles, 8 bolt hubs with grease fittings

Scissors hoist with an advantage link increases the lifting capacity over a standard hoist or
cylinder direct from 20-50% during that difficult first few inches of rise

Adjustable hitch tongue

Mechanically operating tail gate, opens and shuts when unit is raised and lowered

Optional Side Extensions

2' Side Extension available on all Notch Dump Wagons

For use when hauling light weight materials

Printable Hydraulic Dump Wagon Literature

9 Ton Hydraulic Dump Wagons

Hydraulic Dump Wagon Demo

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